I’m a Southern California native with a passion for art, literature and philosophy. I enjoy learning and expanding my horizons. Whenever I need to relax, I’ll meditate, listen to music or tinker with code.

I’ve been a freelancing full stack deveoper for 10 years, and I recently recieved a B.S in Web Design and Development. When I’m not bringing stories to life with Dark Moon Press, I work for Axori to design and build amazing stuff.

I dream about founding a non-profit that creates jobs by helping startups and struggling small businesses to understand and fulfil their digital needs. Until then, I work with clients that care about people just as much as I do.

I work with entreprenuers and creative professionls because I want to see them talk about their deepest passion. I adore seeing that spark of life, and it feels good to know that I could help them share it with the world.

I don’t build websites; I build dreams, and that’s just awesome.